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Tomorrow City

Tomorrow City - Kirk Kjeldsen Recently released from prison but quickly getting back on his feet, Brendan Lavin is enticed by the money offered to him if he helps with the robbery of an armored car. Though he plans for the robbery to be his last, plans go horribly wrong and Brendan is forced to flee the country to avoid being returning to jail. Twelve years later, living under a false name with a wife and child in Shanghai, Brendan has completely changed his life for the better. But when the men from his past find him and threaten to kill his family, Brendan must decide if he will risk everything to take part in the risky robbery of a diamond merchant.

At just under 200 pages, Tomorrow City is a quick read that is hard not to fly through in one sitting. In the first few pages, Kjeldsen establishes his fast pace and does not let go until the end. His film background is clear, as most of the novel can be easily imagined on the screen, and movies like The Town and Killing Them Softly quickly come to mind while reading. Tomorrow City is a strong debut from a unique perspective that is surprisingly hard to put down.

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