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Being Henry David - Cal Armistead With the exception of a few notable authors (hey John Green!), I've grown increasingly frustrated with YA fiction over the past few years. Instead of highlighting different themes with the same depth as adult literature, the genre is regularly filled with haphazardly tossed together series hoping to cash in on this year's hot setting.

Now, I've always seen Henry David Thoreau as pretty hip, though I think I tend to be in the minority. Either way, he's probably not lighting fires in YA circles any time soon - but that's exactly what makes Cal Armistead's Being Henry David so refreshing. Rather than centering on a tale of mismatched love or some grand future, this is a story about finding yourself and forgiveness. The fact that it's told from a male perspective is even better, as it's much more difficult to find books that appeal to young male readers.

This will be one that deserves a place on high school and classroom library shelves, I hope that it's seen through the hundreds of other YA releases this year.

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