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The Night Rainbow - Claire  King Writing from the perspective of a child, particularly one so young, without relying on cliche phrases or coming off childish is not an easy task. Claire King does it masterfully. She gives Pea the voice of a well-spoken adult narrator with the perfect quirks of a child. I highlighted this as one of my favorite examples.

"I haven't used the milk because it is too wet and I haven't used the jam because it doesn't rhyme with any of the other flavours."

King also does a brilliant job creating the setting for this story. I could picture every peach, stone and flower in the meadow. At the same time, I really loved that, save for a few mentions of technology, The Night Rainbow could have been set at any point in a fifty year time span. The setting of the story is so natural and doesn't rely on much much outside the central family's village.

Though I was able to piece together the novel's twist about halfway through, I didn't feel let down. This isn't the type of book you open solely for a twist. Instead, it's the type of book you read to take a journey with the characters, and this is definitely a journey.

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