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The Humans - Matt Haig Blogged at River City Reading:
Matt Haig's new novel The Humans is narrated by an alien sent to inhabit the body of a professor in order to prevent him from sharing his world-altering mathematical discovery with those around him. What seems like a simple task becomes increasingly difficult as the narrator's disgust toward the human race gradually turns to affection.

It is in the early, fumbling moments of the narrator’s journey that Matt Haig’s keen sense of observation stands out the strongest. Naked and hungry, but unable to properly handle either situation according to Earthly standards, “Professor Andrew Martin" ponders the rules humans have established to govern their species. These hilariously critical anecdotes fill almost every page in the first few chapters of The Humans, giving readers endless quotes to highlight and share.

While the entirety of The Humans has subtle notes of humor, there is a shift in tone as Professor Martin navigates his way toward his home, family and ultimate mission. What starts as a funny satire of our ridiculous quirks becomes a careful examination of the very things that make us human: sacrifice, forgiveness and love. Certainly not the sci-fi novel it might look like at first glance, Matt Haig has written a book that causes readers to consider the flaws in humanity while also appreciating its powerful beauty.

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