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Women Float

Women Float - Maureen Foley Women Float follows Win, who has spent her entire life just a few miles from the ocean in Southern California, but has never learned how to swim. Her fear of water, which plagued her as a child, worsened over the 20 years since her mother left her. As she reaches her 29th birthday, Win confronts her fears and begins taking swimming lessons, which wind up coinciding with a series of major life changes and testing her beyond anticipation.

It seems to take quite a bit of talent to develop your characters, create conflict and resolve in half the space of other writers. Maureen Foley has taken complex themes like abandonment, loss and acceptance and condensed them into 160 short pages without losing any impact. In fact, Women Float seems to benefit from the novella format, leaving the same quick, lasting impression on readers that Win's mother left on her.

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